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When I Am Weak

I am strong.

If you know me or hang out with me, you know I have a hard time being wrong, and although most the time I am wrong, I will fight till the end to prove I’m right.

This is where I am at tonight.


I wanted badly to feed off of controversy I see online and things I might disagree with and sought out my vengeance or my “right” in scripture and was put in a humbling place.

So, for now, I’m saying I’m wrong. I was wondering though.

What if I boasted my weaknesses all the time? It says if I must boast, to boast my weaknesses.

So, what are my weaknesses…….

All American Coldplay… I Mean Rejects

So, I got the new All American Rejects album on Amazon MP3 for 2.99 and figured there would at least be a couple songs I enjoyed off the album to pay 3 bucks. The album is actually pretty good, but one song in particular sounded really familiar.
Believe on the new album has the exact same riff from the bridge in Fix You by Coldplay.
Listen to the part right after he sings the opening part of the song.

Now listen to the riff in the bridge part of Fix You or minute mark 2:31

I am not saying they ripped it off but it is very similar. Great album all around and I would recommend checking it out! Do you see the similarities or is it just me?

Dreamers Close Their Eyes

Recently, in a blog post from Carlos Whitaker, he posed a question, “What do you hate that your worship pastor does?” A lot of folks replied back with they didn’t like when the worship leader would close their eyes during worship. I can see their argument if they think it’s not authentic or disconnected, but for me it’s not even close to what’s going on.

In some of my youtube videos singing in the bathroom, folks have commented on my weird facial expressions, eyes being closed, etc. To me, when my eyes are closed I have the power to visualize whatever I’m thinking about. This may sound crazy to some, but I’ve always been a dreamer. My mother raised me to believe I could do and be whatever I wanted and to dream big! She distilled wonder through taking us to museums and art shows, and imagination and creativity through making up stories on long road trips to keep us amused. So I argue that keeping my eyes closed is me dreaming of something bigger and better than I can visualize with my eyes open.

In one song my eyes are closed quite a bit..

I caught quite a bit of grief over this on youtube but there was stuff I was thinking about. I was remember hanging out with my wife and how much I love her, and how I have and do see sparks in our relationship. I was thinking about the simple lyrics and simple riff of the song and how it was so pleasant. This is a very warm song to me and makes me think of being somewhere cold and having something to warm me up like my wife laying next to me under a blanket.

So, do you dream with your eyes open, or are you like me, and dream with your eyes closed. When you close your eyes you can dream of things your eyes could never possibly see unless you allow yourself to create them in your mind! I love being creative and I love seeing creativity! I am so thankful for my parents and for my mom for just constantly pouring creativity into my life through her stories, books, paintings, even lip synching!

Well, I haven’t posted one of my favorite youtube singers in awhile, and a friend of mine on youtube Stawney did an awesome cover of Stevie Wonders “Someday At Christmas”

Like I’ve said many times before, youtube is where the fresh new music is!

TokBox is Stellar

Tokbox is Stellar

As you can see there are 19 people in this live video chat. It maxed out for me around 28 people and was too laggy to really take advantage of. Some of the folks you see in the picture are Tony Steward John Arrington..Human3rror and Carlos Whitaker.. @loswhit or Ragamuffin Soul

This has a great interface and works awesome for doing multiple video chats with lots of folk and free. Be warned, when you join the chat and click allow webcam access your live online immediately! Pretty sick stuff! Best part is, no downloads! All web based so it doesn’t matter where you are you can strike up a video conversation.

Check out TokBox to video chat with all your friends at once!

Win a Laptop, Help Me Help You

UPDATE: It won’t be the 100th person but will be a randomly selected person from the list of comments! So get to commenting! It only takes 1 minute to do it and then your entered automatically to win the competition! I will need you to link back here to your comment on the blog so I can keep track.

I’m in a contest for a HUGE package of computers in sort of a pay it forward type of fashion. If I am the winner I will be giving away one of the laptops to the 100th person to comment on my “How To Blog” on Chris Pirillos Site Here. That’s right, I know it’s a lot of people but seriously. I have nearly 500 followers on twitter nearly 100 subscribers on youtube and 300 or so friends on facebook. So I don’t think 100 comments is too much to ask for.

The deal:

The comments MUST be relevant to the content! I wrote the post about a great iPhone app that helps you during scrabble by checking word or making words from your letters you have.
You cannot spam the comments! You can join in a conversation going on in the comment stream but you cannnot spam them.
Their will ONLY be a winner if I win! I don’t have a laptop to giveaway right now but if I win I will!

So help me help you! Win a free HP laptop and get to commenting and get your friends to comment HERE

This starts off slow but rolls into my very own style of this song. Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Make sure you watch till the end so you see why “I hope you don’t have to wear lipstick this Christmas” – This of course, is directed to guys.

Jupiter, Venus and The Moon

To use this nifty little site go over to XtraNormal.Com to create an account and make some free videos.

I think this is fun if you are interested in doing a little more creative stuff with making videos. It gives you camera angle options, sounds, facial expressions, surroundings, where your looking, etc. Pretty endless to what you want to do, but I would recommend keeping it short!

Chrome Reindeer
One of my favorite wallpapers to use on my desktop. It looks great on a 1680×1050 and the regular image is 1400×1050. Click the image to go to the site to use the full image. Hope you enjoy it!