Here is a video you will have to go directly to, to view in widescreen. It’s only 7 seconds so don’t fret, it’s just to show that it works :-D!

I have a Panasonic VDR-D100 which claims to record in 16:9 but after some research I realized it only chops off the top and bottom of the screen to record in “cinema mode.” That won’t cut it. So I went looking for something to convert 4:3 to 16:9 I found RiverPast Video Perspective
At $29.99 I was hesitant but they have a trial version, which “puts a watermark” on your video, but I even got around that.. Not to rip them off, just realized once I tweaked it the watermark was not in the shot.

It’s a very simple interface and I had no problem selecting Input 4:3 to OutPut 16:9 Wide and I set the video scaling to “Tilt & Scan”
The important part comes with how you output the video. Do not choose original resolution but set it to a standard 16:9 ratio like 1366×768 to output the video in Widescreen format. It takes a bit to do the converting of all of this but it worked great for me. If you have better tips than this please let me know!

Hope this helps!