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After chilling here we realized iHop had no special deal for folks on Black Friday! My hope is next year that you can go in and get a free pancake or something if you wear pajamas. It was fun and I highly recommend doing a late night outing on black Friday with friends!

Youtube WideScreen How To

Here is a video you will have to go directly to, to view in widescreen. It’s only 7 seconds so don’t fret, it’s just to show that it works :-D!

I have a Panasonic VDR-D100 which claims to record in 16:9 but after some research I realized it only chops off the top and bottom of the screen to record in “cinema mode.” That won’t cut it. So I went looking for something to convert 4:3 to 16:9 I found RiverPast Video Perspective
At $29.99 I was hesitant but they have a trial version, which “puts a watermark” on your video, but I even got around that.. Not to rip them off, just realized once I tweaked it the watermark was not in the shot.

It’s a very simple interface and I had no problem selecting Input 4:3 to OutPut 16:9 Wide and I set the video scaling to “Tilt & Scan”
The important part comes with how you output the video. Do not choose original resolution but set it to a standard 16:9 ratio like 1366×768 to output the video in Widescreen format. It takes a bit to do the converting of all of this but it worked great for me. If you have better tips than this please let me know!

Hope this helps!

YouTube Live Screen Shots

Why watch the whole thing when I have the gems captured for you in a nice short 5 minute clip with some cool electronic music to boot! Enjoy!

Self Illumination

This image has fascinated me for years. It use to be my desktop background and then was lost in the mix at one point when I moved computers, reformatted, or something like that.

I would like to share some of my thoughts on what this image makes me think of, but what does it do for you?

Are you unsure of the results of what will happen to you when you do like this guy?
Self Illumination Attracting The Moths

These two images say a whole lot to me in the creative world, fear, expectations, let downs, complications, and so on. So what moths are you not prepared for when you “plug-in” your idea, your ministry, your oppurtunity?

Here Am I

An awesome oppurtunity to sing a song from a local artist, Matt Papa, at Brookwood Church for our World Missions Sunday. The video that was shown on the screen behind us had some great clips of missionaries that we have all over the world and some trips we have taken. A great song to use if you are doing anything dealing with missions!

I am sorry if you don’t live in Greenville, but I have been waiting for something like this to happen for a long time here. We had something like it that was only with PCs and just a ton of them hooked up to lan to play some Counter-Strike. This is hardcore though. It has PCs, wii’s, 360s, and my personal favorite PS3’s. Some folks are social drinkers, I’m a social gamer. I can only game for real when I’m around other people. If I try it at home I get bored quickly with no social interaction on mics or in the chat on screen. This is something I will be checking out and enjoying a lot of.

Lot’s of membership options, and the premium membership even hooks you up with a free tee.

Check out there site at LFGCG

Not only is it a huge awesome looking facility, but it’s a pretty prime location on Butler Rd., just off of 385. Excited to win some prize money in COD4 tournaments in the future. I had 2 surgeries this past year that made me take Lortab and chill at home all day for weeks and now dominate in this game.

Hope to see you there!

Twitter Gods Twitter Trimming

This is short and simple. I’m hoping to raise a question and pick some nerves here.

A.How many people do you follow?
B.How many people follow you?

If B is far above A, why?

Vocal Training

Lots of us out there have the desire to sing, whether it’s in the car, shower, or in front of people, you want to sound good when you do it. This Friday we got the opportunity at Brookwood to have Brett Manning, vocal coach for Hayley Williams from Paramore, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and more, come and do a group session teaching us some techniques. It really changed my view on how I sing and all of the stuff I’ve been taught my entire life.

Here’s a clip of his top 3 vocal exercises:

The Matrix Runs On Windows

Wow, all I can say is wow.. This is funny.

The Last Shall Be First

3 Rows Back

So, I didn’t know how to title this blog. I was torn between what it is now and “Playing with Elyon.” If you have ever read the Black, Red, and White books you would understand what I’m saying. Here’s the skinny.

God loves us, and loves to bless us, loves to play with us and see us laugh.
Last night I did just that.
Music is my life.
I am always plugged into music and help others get plugged in as well.
Coldplay is one of my favorite bands ever.
My wife suprised me with tickets to Coldplay with humble seats that actually ended up on the VERY last row on the very top of the arena!
Someone came up and asked us “Do You Feel Lucky?”
We were given seats from here:

To Here- in the 3rd row, front and center!

We didn’t deserve them but it reminded me the entire night of a part of Black that I will never forget:

Elyon turned the world inside out so it was like being inside of a snowglobe. You could fly around and have fun. Thomas Hunter was told it was Elyon playing and having fun, it would only last for a little bit but to enjoy it while it lasted.

That is how I felt the whole night. I know my God is passionate and loves me more than I should ever deserve. He chose last night to play with me, just for a little bit, but we had so much fun. I had my hands in the air screaming, dancing and singing the entire time. When I was singing “Fix You” at the top of my lungs with Chris Martin and my hands raised, I wasn’t singing to Chris Martin, I was singing to my God who was having fun letting me be a part of something he created. There is truth in the music and in everything and I believe God still gets the glory of all of it!

Life has been crazy this past couple of weeks and I actually had something come up on the phone while I was driving to the concert that ended up working out great. Either way, I know when life is hard, life is good. This was an awesome chance for me to just have fun with my Father in heaven who loves me endlessly.

So have you played with Elyon recently? If you didn’t, have you been looking to see when he is trying to play with you? Find joy in everything and give him the glory when He goes out of his way to bless you! He did that with Christ and hasn’t stopped since!