So, after much investigation, I’ve figured out how to setup the iPhone and iPod touch to make free calls over wifi to any USA number.

First, install Fring for free from the app store.

While that is installing, go to your pc or mac, and go to VoipStunt and install it on your computer. The only reason your installing is to create an account.

Once you have VoipStunt installed and your account created, go to Fring on your iPhone, iPod touch, click on the More tab, then Add-ons.
-Click on the SIP option, and then click VoipStunt.
-Enter your Username and password and let it confirm.

You are now set up to make phone calls.
You have to enter 1 and the area code but if it’s in the USA it is a free call. The quality is pretty awesome and a great way to save minutes on iPhones and a great way to make a free call from the second gen iPod touch.

Unfortunately, you cannot get an incoming phone number yet, but the guys at Fring are working on it right now. I think making international calls is free for 1 minute, but to have more than that you have to buy credits.

I may make a video tutorial on how to do this, but it’s pretty self explanatory.