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You Saw Me Where?

Well, you may not have recognized me, but might have picked up on my voice. In a silly moment I recorded a response on that recently got posted on Teccrunch! I have always dreamed of being featured for something I created on techcrunch, but never thought it would be so soon. Although it is a very small part of the post, this is what he said:

Here’s a gem from, in which video uploaders are asked to answer the question of whether their vote counts

So I’m pleasured to have something created that’s considered a gem, and will have to keep working at it. You never know what someone might find funny! To see the video on the site go to TECH CRUNCH

Guest Blog

I got a little post published as a guest blog on To see the article click HERE

Human3rror has several cool sites running and I’m excited to see where all he goes with Church Crunch.

Sparks & Coldplay

I don’t do slow songs quite as much, but my wife surprised me with tickets to see Coldplay as an anniversary gift. This song has to be one of my favorite songs by Coldplay. It’s a lovey dovey song I like and did this one especially for my wife :-D. Hope you enjoy this cover! To Comment,rate and subsribe on youtube click HERE!!

Here is an amazing new song by the alphabeats. They haven’t hit it big yet in the US but I assure you they will soon. Hope you enjoy my cover! Click HERE!!! To go to the video to rate, comment and favorite if you like it!

Wow. I am blown away continually by people I find on youtube! I was looking for a girl singing “Thriller” to see how it would sound if we did it next week at Varsity, and found this girl. She is a student at Berklee Music, although she could pass for a freshman in highschool. She also has gone on tour already for folks as big as G. Love. This video only has 6,000 or so views on it now, but I can guarantee this girl is going to be huge in music and on youtube. You can also buy a cd of her originals on iTunes now, and check out more of her music on her Youtube Page.

Jason Foxtrot. Pumpkin Wizard

Foxtrot has always been my favorite comic strip. I use to read it on a yahoo widget that updated daily, then Bill Amend stopped doing a daily strip and went to just Sundays… I was not happy about that but have built up a collection of a lot of his collections of the strips from “Camp Foxtrot”, “Jam-Packed Foxtrot”, “Foxtrot Assembled With Care”, and “Foxtrot Maximus.” Every Halloween he has brilliantly funny strips about Jason and his costume ideas, or my favorite his pumpkin carvings. Here are some of my favorite strips and I hope the witty humor encourages you to go and buy one of his books!

Good Morning Monday

Very cool video and good way to start your morning off right. Hope you have a great Monday.


Another Alphabeats cover. These guys Rock and I can’t wait until they release the album in the US and they come tour here. Lot of great bands coming out of the UK. These guys thrive on songs that will lift your spirits!

10,000 Nights Of Thunder Bathroom Cover

Friday My Day.

I don’t do well alone for long. So on Fridays when I’m off work, my wife is at work, I have to force myself to do things, otherwise I get depressed and do nothing. I’m fueled by people, so when I’m alone I get dull and bored. So usually on friday I will make a video, do laundry (At the laundry mat) clean up around the house, and hit the gym all before my wife gets home. Tonight we are going to see Matthew West at Brookwood so that will be a good time to get some of my social cravings out.

Are you like me and thrive on social interaction, or would being along make you a machine that will work all day long?

Thankfully I have some level of interaction at home on Fridays which is twitter, Bloggeries(where I do some reading of cool blogs and comment) and youtube. Thank goodness Fred is back on so I can catch up on his newest episodes.