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Aicha Aicha

Oh my, I was at a football game the other night and one of the girls in the homecoming court was announced and the name Aicha came through. It brought back memories of a skinny guy singing a song in his bedroom with his disney blankets and remarkebly disturbing dance moves. Anyways, it’s been a looong time since this video was out, and you probably have seen it before, but it’s still just as funny and awkward. I wonder what ever happened to this kid.
So here is Gelliemans “Aicha”

Give Up Yer Aul Sins.

These are some animations done to recordings from a schoolteacher asking her children in class to explain stories from the bible. Very warm stories, and funny to hear the kids interpretations.

Story of Lazarus

I’m a fan of coffee, and if you haven’t already seen my test with Coffee And Cereal on Youtube, check that out first. I love brewing coffee at home and making it the strength I like, and just drinking it black sometimes paired with some good chocolate or just something good that goes with it.

Anywho, I was curious if anyone knows of some amazing coffee bean out there that I could grind and give it a shot! I’m looking into doing something with this in the future but for now just curious what folks favorite coffee beans are. Being a former employee of Starbucks for over 2 years, I’m pretty partial but to the annual blends and a couple of the regulars. Here are my Top Favs.

Komodo Dragon- I will drink this anytime. It’s always good and never lets me down.
Pike Place- It is really quite delicious. It’s the standard now so don’t get burnt out on it.
Arabian Mocha Sanani- This I ONLY drink with a french press. It’s great earthy, smokey taste is
Paired great with some chocolate. It’s almost like a Cigar, but coffee!
Lots of the annual blends like Anniversary Blend, Christmas Blend(counting down the days for this one), and occasional an Italian Roast(Which is not Italian, it’s just the roasting style)

There is a local coffee shop in Travelers Rest that I’ve not gotten the opportunity to spend too much time in although I did stop by while mountain biking the Swamp Rabbit Bike Trail that connects downtown greenville to downtown TR. Anywho, the coffee shop Leopard Forest Coffee Company, who owns a coffee farm in Zimbabwe, ships the beans back and roasts them in the store. They have some great selections, and this winter I plan on spending many hours there while I”m back in school getting work done. It’s a little more quiet and less traveled and feels extremely homey compared to a Starbucks or Atlanta Bread Company.

So, what do you drink? Do you roast at home? Do you buy them ground or grind them at home? What sort of coffee pot do you use? How much do you drink? Do you drink it black or sass it up with all the extras?

LifeShare from

Well, today I sat in on the first LifeShare Event featuring bloggers and folks from around the world. I think it is a cool idea and communicating to folks who are pretty plugged in virtually online, and through blogs. It was neat to see the folks over in London praying over different countries and missionaries around the world. The Lifechurch internet campus is pushing for folks to bring friends and to get people involved, which is awesome, and I’d love to see some of that creative genius that made Youversion create something for for the entire interwebs.

I’ll be keeping an eye on how this lifeshare thing spans out and what comes of it.

Ahoy, today the seas are calm and me mood is high for our international day. Much obliged to the savvy seas of Google for giving us this

Google Pirate Homepage

Google Pirate Homepage

To do this simply go to the Me Likes and Dislikes on and enable it and enjoy the internets as a Pirate for a day.

UPDATE! After discussing our similar mission and views with Gospelr creator Human3error I decided I was a bit harsh with my blog post and I agree I should be encouraging to brothers who have a mission. Forgive me if you read it, I’m still very young and not always the best at communicating my thoughts in a loving way. Anywho, to sum up my views on, I’m a bigtime promoter of Roaring Lambs and how we should do great things in culture by joining it and not running from it. I actually was turned onto the book by Brian Pirkle and Lanny Donoho when I finished my internship with Bigstuf.

So I hope that Gospelr does great. I think it could be used as a tool for prayer requests and to me that is a great tool, because we can never have enough prayer in our lives.

1. Click the next button on this blog and comment on WHOEVER’s blog you get. Reach out to the lost.
2. Talk to folks on twitter who you know aren’t believers and continue to keep that relationship going.
3. If you are on Twitter, follow more people than are following you. Dive into their lives just like Christ did with us.
4. Don’t blog on just your views on church and Christianity. You can do quite a bit more by allowing non-christians to stumble on your blog and what you can communicate with them. Let people know who you are.
5. If you choose to post on Godtube I would also suggest posting the same thing on Youtube. My hope is that people make really funny, creative videos that can appeal to everyone and make a difference.

So my apologies for judging and tearing down where I was called to lift up. I think in some ways I can be who I don’t want to be the most!

You can also read the suprisingly positive review from Techcrunch HERE

Tonight I helped my wife get her pirate attire ready for her school this week. They will be taking part in the National Talk Like A Pirate Day. I to will take part in this and have fun doing so. In preparation for this I will be posting phrases to the Pirate Talk Translator so I will truly sound like a pirate and really freak people out. Anywho, let’s all have fun and celebrate something that is silly and wait for John Cleese to step in and say “That’s just too silly” and end our fun. Tomorrow night we will also be watching Pirates of The Caribbean to get us in the right mindset before we head off to dreams of parrots, turtle shell boats, Hornswaggling, and walking the plank. Until then, Shiver me timbers we found the booty!

OMG. “You might as well not existed!” This is the best thing in the world!

So, I’ve always been a fan of Fridge magnets and decroations. Maybe one day some graphic artist will get into designing Fridge Wraps, so you can design your whole fridge maybe? Anywho, we all have them and we all love them. Some people like the clean fridge but I love lots of things on there. I have magnets from Sea World, Charleston, Biltmore, pretty much anywhere I go now I look to see if they have fridge magnets. My view on collections is that they are for you and noone else. We try to show them to friends and they are like, “Yeaaah, cool” but since I find joy in having my little fridge magnets all over the place, I will continue to get them! It’s like Fridge Flair, and my MINIMUM requirement for that is 24… Anywho, a blogger out there WorshipCity continued on a fun blog game his friend Alex started up. So Here’s the deal:

1. Take a picture of your fridge
2. Optional (but cool) – upload your photo to the flickr “show us yer fridge” group and tag everything on your fridge. If you click on my fridge above you’ll see what I’m talkin about.
3. Write a post about your fridge (with the picture)
4. Comment here and show me your link to your blog post.
5. Go to Alex “Show Us Yer Fridge” Page and leave a comment posting to your blog.
6. We will have a fun time!

iPod Touch GPS In Action

SEE ALSO Make Free Phone Calls Over VOIP with iPhone and iPod Touch

Hope this helps you all out. My previous blog post about figuring this out, I’d figure I’d also help all the folks on youtube who don’t search blogs and google. I’m pretty sure I’m the first person to post a video about doing this and blog so hope you enjoy! Also, help me out by rating and commenting on the video HERE

Oh yeah, here is a link for folks in the upstate to Denver Downs Farms, where you can go pick pumpkins, corn maze, and all that fun stuff. I was not very awake so I just said Denver Downs