UPDATE! After discussing our similar mission and views with Gospelr creator Human3error I decided I was a bit harsh with my blog post and I agree I should be encouraging to brothers who have a mission. Forgive me if you read it, I’m still very young and not always the best at communicating my thoughts in a loving way. Anywho, to sum up my views on Gospelr.com, I’m a bigtime promoter of Roaring Lambs and how we should do great things in culture by joining it and not running from it. I actually was turned onto the book by Brian Pirkle and Lanny Donoho when I finished my internship with Bigstuf.

So I hope that Gospelr does great. I think it could be used as a tool for prayer requests and to me that is a great tool, because we can never have enough prayer in our lives.

1. Click the next button on this blog and comment on WHOEVER’s blog you get. Reach out to the lost.
2. Talk to folks on twitter who you know aren’t believers and continue to keep that relationship going.
3. If you are on Twitter, follow more people than are following you. Dive into their lives just like Christ did with us.
4. Don’t blog on just your views on church and Christianity. You can do quite a bit more by allowing non-christians to stumble on your blog and what you can communicate with them. Let people know who you are.
5. If you choose to post on Godtube I would also suggest posting the same thing on Youtube. My hope is that people make really funny, creative videos that can appeal to everyone and make a difference.

So my apologies for judging and tearing down where I was called to lift up. I think in some ways I can be who I don’t want to be the most!

You can also read the suprisingly positive review from Techcrunch HERE