I don’t like them, but I’m forced to live with them. Some numbers are good, some are bad. Some frustrate me, while others excite me. Sometimes they consume me, other times they don’t matter to me. I try to escape them, but they find me. I try to create them, they are not up to my bidding. I relate other things to them, when they don’t really matter at all. I discuss numbers, “How much is that?” “How many views?” “How many were there?” “How many calories is that?” “How much did you lift?”(I had a friend in High School whose father blindfolded him while he lifted weights so he could not see how much weight he was benching…hmmm)

I know this is a tough thing to talk about because everyone at this point is relating at some level, possibly defensive, or just curious to where I’m going with this. I think if we focus on numbers, we tend to forget about creating great things and spend more time focusing on how to get more. I can say this because I’m guilty of this all the time.

So what if we forgot about numbers for a month?
Think about it. Forget numbers. Leave them behind. Don’t be irresponsible and not pay your bills.
I’m pretty sure they don’t mean as much as we think they do in the long run anyways, numbers not bills. Of course, having lots of people excited about what your doing builds momentum, but who is the real builder of the momentum?

Can you do it? Can you not talk about numbers with people for a month?
Do you really think your in control? I don’t. Not in a mean way, just sort of selfish of us to believe we can control numbers. Sure we can plan for them, make accommodations for them, that’s all important, but what if for one month you said nothing about numbers.

Don’t think I’m just talking blogs, youtube, followers, friends on myspace, on facebook or any of that jazz. It goes for you sports fanatics also. All your scores, runs, catches, passes, misses, medals, races, laps,etc. Leave them behind… for one month. Watch your game, don’t worry about the outcome. Write a blog, don’t check your stats! Upload a youtube video, let it sit for a month. Speak your message, don’t care how many empty chairs there are.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying all these things are bad. How much do we care about these though and not about the things that really matter?

I’m pretty sure my God of the universe knows exactly what He has planned for my life. The ministry I work in I said would NEVER work, we’d tried it before. Guess what, God tripled it in less than a year, and now it’s growing even bigger. Not because of me, that’s the point. I took myself out of the equation the moment I doubted, or was concerned with the outcome, that’s when God showed His divine plan of lifting up students in leading worship. Pretty soon, I will no longer be on the stage. I will be observing something my God had planned from day one. Completely and totally out of my control. If I stepped down, it would have happened through someone else.

Anywho, just give it a shot with me. If you know me keep me accountable. I won’t check stats of my blog, I won’t look at how many views I’m getting on youtube. I’m taking a break from numbers. If something I do does well, that’s awesome and it will be a nice surprise.

If this is weird to you, it’s the same for me. This is just another one of my crazy thoughts and ideas.

Oh yeah, and if you forgot. Please o Please click the next button. Don’t even take any time comment. I’d rather you stumble upon someone who is lost, read a blog about what is going on in their life, and leave an encouraging comment. So go ahead, pay the comment forward to someone else.