My wife and I took a trip to Hendersonville today to check out the Apple Fest. We heard rumors of apple slushies, applie ice cream, and pretty much anything apple you can put your mind to. Well, we couldn’t find the apple ice cream which we spent 20 minutes looking for but we did find several other treats. My favorite was by far the Fried Apple Pie. One of Ashleighs’ friends from college was there and told us the one that made them fresh, unlike other vendors who had pre-made them for this event. It was amazing and more. I could have eaten a lot more but knew I was going to be snacking on various apple concoctions later that day.

While walking up and down main street we saw these painted goats everywhere. I’m guessing it is one of those deals where certain people could purchase and decorate them with their companies logo as the owner of that goat. It was fun searching them out and I’m sure there are lots of them we didn’t see.

Overall it was a great afternoon for us to go hang out and we will be back next year to check out more of that hot fried apple pie! Here are some pics from our adventure today.