This is just my thoughts on how Twitter with church leaders is reminding me a lot of the teens popularity contests and what they desire in “High School Musical”

I’m all about Church people using Social Networking in an effective, outreach way. To read more about this later check out my previous post: “The Next Button Theory”

I’m a little discouraged in how I see a majority of church leaders using twitter. Instead of a tool to connect people to what is going on in their church as well as their lives, making them a little more open to the public on a personal level, I see it being used in a popularity contest, self-promotion sort of way.
I am not saying all church leaders who use twitter are promoting themselves but lets look at the results.

A majority follow 10-15 people while having hundreds sometimes thousands of followers. What a leader.
Look at a popular twitter guy Jason Calacanis. Over 33,000 followers and following 36,000 people… Hmmm… I have chatted with him a couple times in live chat on and he has also responded to me personally. I’m not saying I’m anyone big but I think he understands that to do the best he can he needs to lift up all of those around him.

So what are Church leaders doing only following 20 or so people. We are being outdone by people who have a better idea at how to connect with people! I think we should be following FAR more than we are being followed by. Not to gain followers, but to listen to what people are up to and what they are dealing with. I’m no expert on this but something seems way off here.

I don’t think we will get to heaven and God will be like, “Wow, 20,000 followers, you are somebody” He will be more like “Wow, you chose to pay attention to 10 people”

Lets think of it this way. In your church, do you want only a select few to feel like they know you and can talk to you and you care what is going on in their lives, or do you want everyone to feel that way. I know this is the way in a lot of churches are with so many attending, it makes it hard to connect but open your eyes and see God has given you a way to make people feel more connected, although on a somewhat service level, it still makes them feel like you care.

So, if you are a church leader why do you have soooo few followed and so many followers. Check your heart, if you are seeking popularity of yourself, you should be thinking the popularity of our Savior and how you can impact his life. There are TONS of broken and lost people out there and lots of them are on twitter!

Don’t follow me, because that’s not what I’m asking, but look through your followers and think of the difference you can make if they get an e-mail saying you’re following them, you’re paying attention to what is going on in their lives. You don’t have to reply to everything they say to you, especially if you’re seeing thousands of tweets a day, just simply paying attention is a way to step out there and say you care.