I’ve been assured again tonight of brokenness in the world through problems in my own family. It’s hard to see family go through difficult times, raised in situations that aren’t fair for them, not getting support and values distilled in their lives. I am sure that my God can redeem this situation though. I think we sometimes get to a certain point, or God allows things to get to a certain point where the only redemption and fix is Him. I don’t understand how it’s fair to the folks in this situation that had no choice, but then again there are people raised in countries surrounded by war, and i’m sure they’d choose a cushy happy life in the US if they could.

This brings me back to my thoughts again of why we have a duty/calling to be different. I am called to lift up the broken, to spend time with them, and sometimes just to listen. I have been given the gift to live a fairly easy life, even though I can sometimes get caught up in what others have and I don’t. This reminds me of a great phrase “With great power, comes great responsibility”. We have been given more power, rights, freedom, money, homes, families, countries than we ever deserved. How are we going to take that blessing and bless the world.

This week I’ve been pressing the “Next” button on my blog to see what i run across. Here are a couple.

– A girl who is in the peace corps learning to get her own water and learning to manage that water and only showering every few days. She isn’t staying in some hotel but living with a family in the country and helping with everyday tasks. How can you encourage or reach out to her?

-A girl who was awake at 3 in the morning and started writing about brokenness in her life and how she was dealing with cutting her wrists, familiy problems, money problems, full time work and school. How can you mentor to her? I can’t, i’ve never cut, but I can tell her that I hope she continues her pursuit of education and does well on the test she is about to take.

-A guy who is about to start school full time, lives on his own, works full time and doesn’t have the time of day to get all of it done. Looks like he doesn’t have much of a support group and is trying to make things happen all on his own. How can you tell this guy it’s going to be alright and he has a purpose when all he sees is hopelessness and debt.

These are just a few examples and if you want to find them, you can and give them encouragement. But as a follower of Christ and someone looking to show people life and fullness in all the brokenness they are surrounded with how am I making a difference.

I am not perfect and don’t have all the answers but I know there are people searching for answers and if we don’t help them figure out the truth they will settle for a lie. Most people will end up settling with debt, messed up marriages, addictions, and so on because they see no hope. So be that shining light, the refreshing scent, the light in the darkness that Christ was to you. You have soooo much and have even more to give than you ever could. So give it all away. Spend time looking through blogs, reading through peoples tweets(twitter.com), give a quick word of encouragement, keep in touch, reach out! Don’t sit in your comfy chair at Starbucks reading this blog and not take the time to smile at the person sitting in the chair next to you, that might be the only smile they get all day!

I’m not willing to settle for a mediocre, self-centered life. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself, and I am.

Join me RIGHT NOW, don’t say next time, but right now and click the next button at the top of this blog and see who’s blog you stumble upon.