Wow… I now have to change the topic of this post. Unfortunately, it’s come to all of our attention that there was some stuff going on with Michael Guglielmucci was dealing with some issues and has, as far as we know, faked his fight with cancer. Very unfortunate story, but every man gets sick and stumbles.

My advice from this situation for all leaders is this. SURROUND yourself with a support group. We are all apt to have the same stumbles and struggles, and probably have someone who has dealt with those things, or will keep us in check. No one can outdo the enemy. We have all be deceived and will be tricked again, thats why we need to plan ahead and take action when those times come.

I’ll leave this clips of these videos up for as long as I can until I’m made to take them down, as proof of how we can stumble and be tricked into such a difficult situation.

I’m praying for healing for him, his family, church and all of the people who might doubt Christ because of his stumble.

Then watch the song being performed at Hillsong for the Live recording.