Ok, I’ve been a fan of Switchfoot for a long time now and if you haven’t heard they have gone independent now, which is the trait lots of folks are going with. Anywho, I’ve been following ustream.tv for awhile now and a big supporter of how they get people connected with interesting streams and tonight while parusing the channels I found Switchfoot Live in the studio! I’m guessing this feed will stay on as long as they are recording so If you are ever bored and want to check out what song they are working on check out the stream here, and when I say here I mean Click ANYWHERE in this text to go straight to the stream! Unfortunately at this moment wordpress is not allowing me to embed the video for reasons I can’t figure out yet…

Way to be technology buffs and sharing some cool stuff with us Switchfoot. Also, I saw switchfoot at the orange peel in asheville,NC and it was probably the best concert I’ve ever seen them play. I did try to set up a 3amjosh interview with them but I think I was a little late to the punch!

Streaming live video by Ustream