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I’ve been following Esmee Denters on youtube when I first saw her singing cover songs on youtube on a HORRIBLE webcam. The quality was terrible, but she had some great vocals. After awhile she got a nice camera, and started playing the piano and showing her pretty smooth vocals. She did a song that youtube(Alicia Keyes) actually made her remove that was one of my favorites. Anywho, she got signed little over a year ago by Justin Timberlakes record label and has been on tour with him and her album is going to be coming out soon. Here is her cover singing “As” by Stevie Wonder. Just a great song to check out in the morning! Let me know what you think of her vocals and your thoughts on all of these artists/singers getting signed from youtube. Pretty Insane!

My Fresh New Artists Picks

Well, I just thought I’d share some more of some artists I see that are going to do well soon. I sort of pride myself on listening to the newest, unique music, opposed to listening to whats on the radio. So here are some more artists I’m predicting to do really well and I hope they do.

I saw Jessie Baylin open for James Morrison (if you don’t know about him go find his CD NOW and buy it, he is incredible) and she blew our minds with her smooth vocals that remind me a little of Rosemary Clooney, but she is definetly got the voice and songwriting talent to take her far, just gotta get more of a stage presence by telling more stories about her interesting songs. Here’s a clip of her in the Schubas Cafe performing one of our favorites of hers “See How I Run”

Next up is Greg Friedman. I actually found him for a competition with an Aimee Mann Song “Freeway” The contest was to perform her song in a music video and lots of people changed the song quite a bit from her version. His is by far my favorite version and even better than hers! I left a comment on the video saying just that and he actually e-mailed me with thanks, and sent me a link to his Myspace page where you can download the mp3 for free! Here is the video. Very cool sound, if you like it go download the song from his page!

Now the next one has totally captured my heart with her voice. She sounds like the old singers and I hope she collaborates with Michael Buble, Jamie Cullum, or Harry Connick, Jr. to do some old jazz standards because her voice is right there. Adele had one of her songs “Hometown Glory” as a free download several months ago on iTunes and I was very excited to hear some fresh vocals coming out of the UK. Here is her song that is now on VH1 some still as an artist on the rise but check out this girls crazy, great vocals!

My one band for a pick of sort of the rock, sometimes the Epic rock feel, heavy on piano is Air Traffic. I’ve been listening to them ever since there CD came out in January and it’s still good and fresh to me. I like a CD, and when I say CD I mean Digital, that I can burn out, find later and still enjoy the music just as much. Here is one of the Epic Piano Ballads “No More Running Away”
I’m sure some music guru is going to tell me it’s not a piano ballad but that’s how I feel about it.

If you’re still reading at this point, take my advice. I tell people this ALL the time and not many people listen. If you want to know some music that is new and not huge yet, download the iTunes free song a week! I’m serious, I found lots of artists that way including, The Fray, Jamie Lidell, James Morrison, etc. Just do it. You never know what you might here that you like.

Here’s to fresh new music!

I know statistically that a lot of people experience this, and supposedly most males experience it at least once before they are 25. I am a sufferer of this and haven’t had any spells in awhile but when I do it’s for weeks on end. It’s an embarrassing thing to talk about but finding out by doing some searching that I’m not the only one experiencing this brings me a bit more comfort that it’s not anything mental or that I’m crazy but a form of Narcolepsy and in my case sometimes severe.

I found a video explaining a little about it here on youtube..

Also, you can do a search and find on wikipedia some of the general facts about it and that it is even treated by meds in some cases.

I recently had surgery on my nose, a turbinate reduction and septoplasty. I went to a sleep study and they determined I would do myself a lot of good by going ahead with the surgery, especially at my age. After having this I have noticed an extreme decline in my Sleep Paralysis episodes. I’m not saying there is a direct correlation, but for me I can’t really remember any except February when I was still recovering from the surgery and had appendicitis as well so was on drugs that messed up my sleep patterns BIG time.

Anywho, enough about all the medical hoopla let me tell you about my experiences and how freaky they are!

This is generally how it goes. I wake up, I know immediately what is going on with the loud noise(sort of a white noise, screeching sound), the inability to move, the extreme fear, and the dark presence usually hanging right over my body. One time I do remember it being two figures darting from the other room into one of our other rooms and I chose to not disclose that to my wife until we no longer lived there. With a lot of focus on moving a body part, or realizing that although my eyes are open and I’m looking around the room, I am just hallucinating and there is no creepy black cloaked creature standing over my bed creating this loud noise.

Some people think this might be a spiritual thing going on, being tuned in with the spiritual world, and I’m not dismissing that, but I know TONS of people experience it.

They also aren’t restricted to just nighttime sleep which requires you to go into a REM sleep. It’s said that you must reach REM, something startles you, and you are awoken with your eyes but your mind is still in a dream state. I have had this while napping on my couch, sleeping in my bed, dosed off at my parents or wifes parents or even on trips in other places. So my question to that is am I able to reach REM sleep at a fast enough rate that I would be able to get to that point or are the studies not thorough enough.

If you have had these before, even once, I’d love to hear about it and you to share your thoughts on it and your story. I don’t want to freak anyone out about this, but from everything I’ve seen there are lots of people out there with it.

Twitter Church Musical

This is just my thoughts on how Twitter with church leaders is reminding me a lot of the teens popularity contests and what they desire in “High School Musical”

I’m all about Church people using Social Networking in an effective, outreach way. To read more about this later check out my previous post: “The Next Button Theory”

I’m a little discouraged in how I see a majority of church leaders using twitter. Instead of a tool to connect people to what is going on in their church as well as their lives, making them a little more open to the public on a personal level, I see it being used in a popularity contest, self-promotion sort of way.
I am not saying all church leaders who use twitter are promoting themselves but lets look at the results.

A majority follow 10-15 people while having hundreds sometimes thousands of followers. What a leader.
Look at a popular twitter guy Jason Calacanis. Over 33,000 followers and following 36,000 people… Hmmm… I have chatted with him a couple times in live chat on and he has also responded to me personally. I’m not saying I’m anyone big but I think he understands that to do the best he can he needs to lift up all of those around him.

So what are Church leaders doing only following 20 or so people. We are being outdone by people who have a better idea at how to connect with people! I think we should be following FAR more than we are being followed by. Not to gain followers, but to listen to what people are up to and what they are dealing with. I’m no expert on this but something seems way off here.

I don’t think we will get to heaven and God will be like, “Wow, 20,000 followers, you are somebody” He will be more like “Wow, you chose to pay attention to 10 people”

Lets think of it this way. In your church, do you want only a select few to feel like they know you and can talk to you and you care what is going on in their lives, or do you want everyone to feel that way. I know this is the way in a lot of churches are with so many attending, it makes it hard to connect but open your eyes and see God has given you a way to make people feel more connected, although on a somewhat service level, it still makes them feel like you care.

So, if you are a church leader why do you have soooo few followed and so many followers. Check your heart, if you are seeking popularity of yourself, you should be thinking the popularity of our Savior and how you can impact his life. There are TONS of broken and lost people out there and lots of them are on twitter!

Don’t follow me, because that’s not what I’m asking, but look through your followers and think of the difference you can make if they get an e-mail saying you’re following them, you’re paying attention to what is going on in their lives. You don’t have to reply to everything they say to you, especially if you’re seeing thousands of tweets a day, just simply paying attention is a way to step out there and say you care.

Obama-Biden Obiden by the Rules

Listen up folks. I don’t support or claim support of any political party. If you want to know what I think ask, but don’t assume because I made this video I want to “Barack the Vote”

I saw tonight that Obama and Biden were running together and came up with the funny thought of “Obiden by the Rules”. It’s just a silly thing and that is all. If it ends up being a bumper sticker, or ends up being their campaign I will laugh my head off. Anywho, I’m sure someone else will say this but I’m pretty positive I coined it on my video, then on twitter, then to just put the last nail in the coffin, I made this youtube video… It’s short so enjoy!

I wish Steven Colbert was still running.. What a bummer.
and since this was posted at 3 AM… I had coffee at 9 and my wife has passed out on the couch, not pleased I’m sure.. But i’m a night owl. I had insomnia in highschool and took meds, and I prefer staying up late. It’s when I laugh the most, I create silly things, and nothing really matters.

Here’s my predictions of Phrases that will come from this campaign,

“Obiden the law”
“Obiden the rules”
“Obiden obedience”
“Obiden one kanobi”-this will spawn “Obiden the force”
“Obiden my country”
“Obiden my wife”

Cat Poo Coffee(Kopi Luwak)

Being a former Barista at a very well known Coffee House, I am always interested in good coffees and unique blends. Well, I can guarantee there is one coffee I have no desire to ever try. You might have seen about this in the movie “Bucket List” and thought, hmmmm… Well, after seeing this video and how it’s not cleaned, I will never try it. Enjoy! Also, if you read this Friday morning, I’m very sorry if this ruins your cup of java! You should have been warned by the title!

Student Worship Band Compilation

Here is a view videos of the band that plays for the Wired and Varsity Ministrys at Brookwood Church.
This is only a view of the kids who play and we have a lot more talent that is in the band but used these guys on one sunday morning. I thought I would put all the clips from this Sunday together in one blog so people could check them out! Here they are.

One extra note! I am showing these videos so people can be encouraged seeing students lead worship in such a big way! God is moving in a huge way in these students life and they are opting to lead worship and even write songs glorifying God and to me that is amazing! I knew that this could never happen through my will but only if God wanted it to happen, he brought in some kids with great hearts and it has exploded and been growing ever since!
Viva La Vida Cover

Beautiful the Blood

We Shine

Sing, Sing, Sing

All To You

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Next Button Theory

I’ve been assured again tonight of brokenness in the world through problems in my own family. It’s hard to see family go through difficult times, raised in situations that aren’t fair for them, not getting support and values distilled in their lives. I am sure that my God can redeem this situation though. I think we sometimes get to a certain point, or God allows things to get to a certain point where the only redemption and fix is Him. I don’t understand how it’s fair to the folks in this situation that had no choice, but then again there are people raised in countries surrounded by war, and i’m sure they’d choose a cushy happy life in the US if they could.

This brings me back to my thoughts again of why we have a duty/calling to be different. I am called to lift up the broken, to spend time with them, and sometimes just to listen. I have been given the gift to live a fairly easy life, even though I can sometimes get caught up in what others have and I don’t. This reminds me of a great phrase “With great power, comes great responsibility”. We have been given more power, rights, freedom, money, homes, families, countries than we ever deserved. How are we going to take that blessing and bless the world.

This week I’ve been pressing the “Next” button on my blog to see what i run across. Here are a couple.

– A girl who is in the peace corps learning to get her own water and learning to manage that water and only showering every few days. She isn’t staying in some hotel but living with a family in the country and helping with everyday tasks. How can you encourage or reach out to her?

-A girl who was awake at 3 in the morning and started writing about brokenness in her life and how she was dealing with cutting her wrists, familiy problems, money problems, full time work and school. How can you mentor to her? I can’t, i’ve never cut, but I can tell her that I hope she continues her pursuit of education and does well on the test she is about to take.

-A guy who is about to start school full time, lives on his own, works full time and doesn’t have the time of day to get all of it done. Looks like he doesn’t have much of a support group and is trying to make things happen all on his own. How can you tell this guy it’s going to be alright and he has a purpose when all he sees is hopelessness and debt.

These are just a few examples and if you want to find them, you can and give them encouragement. But as a follower of Christ and someone looking to show people life and fullness in all the brokenness they are surrounded with how am I making a difference.

I am not perfect and don’t have all the answers but I know there are people searching for answers and if we don’t help them figure out the truth they will settle for a lie. Most people will end up settling with debt, messed up marriages, addictions, and so on because they see no hope. So be that shining light, the refreshing scent, the light in the darkness that Christ was to you. You have soooo much and have even more to give than you ever could. So give it all away. Spend time looking through blogs, reading through peoples tweets(, give a quick word of encouragement, keep in touch, reach out! Don’t sit in your comfy chair at Starbucks reading this blog and not take the time to smile at the person sitting in the chair next to you, that might be the only smile they get all day!

I’m not willing to settle for a mediocre, self-centered life. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself, and I am.

Join me RIGHT NOW, don’t say next time, but right now and click the next button at the top of this blog and see who’s blog you stumble upon.