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Spore Creature Creator

Welp, I just wanted to try it out for fun. I have no intentions of my little guy winning the competition but its definetly a cool game and could have a lot of fun creating more characters. This guys name is Stanley. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know.

Bigstuf 07 Opener

Bigstuf always raises the bar with their stage and what they can make happen on opening night and throughout the week. Last year the opener was one of the coolest things I’ve seen. It resembles the Stomp group and we’ve all seen stuff like it. They change it up enough to keep it fresh and wondering what they will do next. I love the creative minds behind Bigstuf and always look forward to what they will come up with for the next camp!

God With Us

Got to sing at brookwood for the main service on June 1,2008. The song is by MercyMe called “God With Us” . This was for our series Is Anybody Listening and you can watch the entire sermon at Robbie Hall our serve pastor spoke for this service!

A couple of folks today at work were discussin the word Twitter and one reminded me of the word twitterpated which was seen in Disneys Bambi. Here is the clip explaining the word twitterpated. All you twitter loves will enjoy this.

T-Shirt Obsession 101

Well, if you know me you usually see me in lots of different t-shirts. Not Hollister, Abercrombie or American Eagle. Not even Hurley, DC, or Element. I’m talking t-shirts designed by folks who submit them. I am allowed to get one t-shirt a month and usually wait till the last minute so I can see all the shirts. I love over-size printed shirts and very cool designs. One of the sites I purchase lots of shirts from is Uneetee . If you like there stuff create an account through that link so I can get some benefit of sharing the good news. Also these guys have started to let you earn money by submitting pictures of you wearing them and I’m pretty sure I’ve got some pretty stellar ones.

Anywho, if you buy any t-shirts from them let me know. I don’t want everyone around Greenville wearing the same shirt as me and I’m sure a lot of you don’t either. So if your like me and try to be unique this site truly rocks.

Man, i’m sooo excited about the new coldplay album I can’t even tell you. I think there are two albums this year that I will listen to non-stop. Thats Coldplay and Jamie Lidell. They just posted the video for there single that was a free download on there site a couple weeks ago “Violet Hill”. If you haven’t heard it get the best deal and hear and see it!

Also, my wife noticed that this song sounds a lot like “Thats All” by Genesis. Also sounds a bit like of some of Phil Collins stuff. I wonder if they expect people to pick up on the influence. I’m almost willing to say its the same chord progression slowed down!

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WOW! Even the videos resemble each other!

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Ben Linus

Yea, I work with Ben Linus, no really I do.

Ben Linus Staff Picture

Lost Set Pictures

A friend of mine was just down in hawaii and got to tour around where they film the tv show Lost and got some pretty cool shots. Check them out!


Hurleys Golf Course


Survivor Beach

Eko\'s Church

Ekos Church 2

Survivors Camp

Survivor Hut

Survivor Hut Foosalage

The Others Homes

Survivor Camp2

Lake where Bodies were found

Survivor Beach Camp

Bank Kate Robs

This just excited me to no end. If you don’t know I’m an enormous fan of Jabbawockeez and want them to make an appearance in Greenville this fall but have gotten no word back from them yet. Also I love Justice who have great songs like Phantom and Waters of Nazareth. So they have a commercial promoting the next Americas Best Dance Crew. You can sort of get a little bit of their style in this video and if you like it I’d encourage you to search them out. Anywho check it out!

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Welp… The drama of drug use and crazy people continues in my living area. If you remember not but a couple of weeks ago there was a part of a body being burned to hide evidence within 2 football fields of my house.

Tonight the drama continued. On my way home a man was on the streetcorner getting beat down by a woman and then a man ran out with a baseball bat and started beating the man as well. That makes you feel safe right? Not to mention all the crazies walking around at any given moment in a daze look or trying to get a ride(that happened to nights ago a woman tried to bum a ride).

Well the creepiest part was at 2:30 this morning my wife and I hear a knock on our door and totally alarmed yell out “who is it” and it is Cindy who use to live here… Well with that she was involved in things that I won’t talk about but we had more than enough reason not to fell safe. She said she wanted gas money so we asked her to hold on. While we put on some clothes and my wife asked me to grab something to use as a weapon and found a few bucks to loan for gas she seemed to leave. We opened the door with me standing ready to fend off any attack from a woman addicted to who knows what. She wasn’t there and my wife called her name but no answer. Her car was also still parked across the street so we knew something was up. We called the police, they came by and we heard some talking and she drove off.

With all that to say, we still don’t feel safe enough to go to sleep having seen her circle our house at odd hours of the night anywho. I know I have no fear because of my relationship with Christ but when you live somewhere like this I feel like it’s a mission field I have no part in.

Although my birth father was in prison for 10 years for drugs I myself have never been a part of any drinking or drugs so have no clue on how to deal with it. My wife who is extremely innocent feels extremely unsafe here as well. So my duty as a husband is to make her safe and feel secure. That is why I’m staying up all night and going to have a very busy day tomorrow making sure this doesn’t happen again even if that means moving. Keep us and our crazy area in your prayers please!

In the meantime I’m going to make use of my awakeness. A site I purchase t-shirts from has a deal where posting pictures of you wearing there shirts earns you credits. So I’m searching through all my photos!