Today I ventured out to the Swamp Rabbit Bike trail that goes from Greenville,SC to Travelers Rest. Its around a 10 mile trail and is not all finished yet.
A lot of the trail is pressed down but where its not there is gravel which is not quite as fun to ride on. I saw at least one other person riding on a friday afternoon which I imagine saturdays are busier. There were also guys in a work truck parked along the trail working on trees that had fallen and overhanging branches.

I rode to downtown T.R. and had a cookie and a cup of coffee and made my trek back home. It’s a fun trail and now that I look i’m not sure if it was legal that I was on there but i’ve heard of other people going out riding on it as well. I can’t wait for it to be completed and have a nice bike ride through the different areas.

I also saw a little bit of wildlife. There was a snake on the trail catching some sun and there was also a beaver/racoon not sure what it was but it took off when it heard me coming. You can check out the Google Map of the trail at

It will be nice once it has the rubberized running track and is set to go. Here are some pictures from my adventure today.