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A Lost Revelation!

Cloning has to be a HUGE part of Lost.  I believe we did see a Locke in the casket but I think it was Locke number 2.  Remeber back on youtube when they aired a video training for the Orchid station.  


Well. It looks like the bunny has been cloned and significant damage would happen if it saw itself. Thoughts??? Questions? 

Beware this is a spoiler for Season 4 series finale!

Ok, so not sure if everyone has seen this on youtube yet, but they filmed, just in case, two more bodies in the casket for the season 4 finale? Why would they do this? Why would they let us see?  Is this telling us that 2 others have died as well?  Yowza? Watch this and tell me what you think!


Most of you probably don’t know this but its a fun fact and I’m not ashamed. For years growing up I was a figure skater competing rarely against other guys and mostly “against the books.”  Which in some cases led to me standing on the second place podium with noone on the first place to receive my medal. Talk about humbling!

I was made fun of for it tremendously, especially in middle school.  Someone taught me not to let people get to me and just to let things like that roll off my shoulder.  

At one point, I began skating couples with a girl who was 11 and I was 16. If that isn’t a boost of your ego the tight sparkling silver shirt I had to wear during competitions was.  My coach understood that I refused to where tights but managed to get me into a skin tight shirt and pants for that phase of my skating.  

It was a lot of fun and I skated to songs such as “Miami” by Will Smith and the james bond theme.  I got to compete in many different states and get a whole lot of medals.  

I enjoyed it and the people I got to meet and the skaters I got to see who moved on to bigger and better things like skating for Disney and going on to international competitions.

If you would like to make fun of me go ahead but I just thought that was something fun to share.  If you have something you did that is rare and funny, I’d love to hear it.  Also, I’m trying to become a better writter and what better way to throw it out there for the internets to tell me what I did wrong.  Feel free to proofread and let me know how horrible my skills are. 

I’m currently reading “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves” to help with punctuation.  It’s very funny and the panda says no!

How fast is your internet?

Well I decided to test out mine tonight and found a new cooler looking site called  I have used Speakeasy for quite some time but gave this one a shot. It looks cool and gives the results qiuckly AN it gives you a cool widget to show off your broadband speeds to everyone you know. Anywho, Without making you wait any longer here is my current Download/Upload Rate. Go to the site and find out yours and post it as a comment to my blog or let me know on twitter!


Weezer Loves Youtube

Weezer has a new video that is going crazy on youtube. Its for their single “Pork and Beans”. If you haven’t seen it yet you need to. If your a youtube fan you will see many of your favorites such as our very own Miss South Carolina, Diet Coke Mentos Experiment Guys, Numa Numa Guy, TayZonday, Daft Punk Hands, Daft Punk Dance, Light Sabers and more. Check it out. Fun video and Weezer taking advantage of the youtube world. Wonder if anyone else will?

Tomorrow we will be giving away one of the first kittens out of the four we have.  We didn’t think we would be sad but we’ve dealt with feeding the kittens by bottle because their mom got sick since day 3 of their lives.  So it will be a sad departure from our house but we are glad it’s going to someone we know and will be a great home.  Two more also have a home and their is just one more to give away.  We really only want to give them away to folks we know because we’d like to know they are safe.  Also, mama kitten needs a home as well as her sister. They were strays that decided our porch was home and we don’t want them making more babies so we took them in(one was already pregnant)  Here they are and maybe I’ll post the ustream of ashleigh and I feeding them.


Saw V….In my backyard

If you know anything about the Saw movies, they are graphic, sick depections of murder in ways I don’t ever want to imagine.  Stuff like that seems pretty far fetched but after reading some about it he took all of the toruturous things that happen to the people from mid-evil torture devices.  Thats pretty gross but heres the real kicker.        

That kind of stuff is happening within 2 football fields from my house and I just found out. My wife doesnt know this yet but I think its going to motivate us to move somewhere safe.  A police officer that I know who patrols the area around my house (pretty much the ghetto) told me that the sick murders where body parts were being placed in bags on peoples porches is not so far from me.   We are actually on a nice street and area but just behind us, its a totally different story.        

So anywho, they are trying to find the bodyparts of these two women.  Well, my “neighbors” turn out to be the ones commiting these murders. They never grill out but recently other folks around them smelled the grill going and smoke coming up from there back yard.  What could that be?  It turns out they have been burning some of the body parts to dispose of them in their back yard.  Would you feel safe living here?     Also, there is quite a bit of gang/drug activity that goes on all around us. We usually don’t get out of our car at night unless the other is on the phone because random strangers will be quietly walking by out of nowhere.      

Anywho, I just thought all that crazy stuff that you hear about in movies was just in the movies but it turns out its happening right near my home. Yowza!

I have a youtube account in which I do things that I never plan on making money with.  WIth all the copyright issues of music, singing, dancing that are out there. I’ve had a youtube account that I do silly fun things that I don’t necessarily want the entire public to see.  You heard it here first.  Also… if you happen to look up 3amjosh and Guitarguru88 on youtube please, Please, PLEASE subscribe. It just takes one click.  Here is an example of the insanity of my Guitarguru88 character on youtube..

It hasn’t made it to the news yet but it will be shortly. Bird Flu is alive and well on one of my favorite social networking sites Twitter. I’m never sure when I click on the Twitter bookmark whether its on safari or on my iPod touch if I will get either nothing or the dreaded “Something is Technically Wrong” message which is the new blue screen of death for a lot of users out there.  Macs aren’t immune to this one either…Sorry.

Hopefully the folks at twitter will either be bought out by google so they will have the server space or someone will support them.  With no ads anywhere on twitter where are they getting their funding anywho?  I have no idea.  

If this doesn’t end soon people will most likely move on and find something else that someone is currently developing now.  I guess the question I ask myself is, 10 years down the road will I care how many followers I have and how many updates I’ve done.  Does twitter even exist 10 years down the road?  Am I said when I see that I have over 1 million updates?  At my funeral will they just show my life blog via twitter?  It really is like a journal updated constantly.  Although most argue it’s an enormous waist of time it is pretty unique in how you can connect and network with others.


With all that said, Twitter….. GET WELL SOON.  I will be bringing some balloons and chicken noodle soup.  


Swamp Rabbit Bike Trail

Today I ventured out to the Swamp Rabbit Bike trail that goes from Greenville,SC to Travelers Rest. Its around a 10 mile trail and is not all finished yet.
A lot of the trail is pressed down but where its not there is gravel which is not quite as fun to ride on. I saw at least one other person riding on a friday afternoon which I imagine saturdays are busier. There were also guys in a work truck parked along the trail working on trees that had fallen and overhanging branches.

I rode to downtown T.R. and had a cookie and a cup of coffee and made my trek back home. It’s a fun trail and now that I look i’m not sure if it was legal that I was on there but i’ve heard of other people going out riding on it as well. I can’t wait for it to be completed and have a nice bike ride through the different areas.

I also saw a little bit of wildlife. There was a snake on the trail catching some sun and there was also a beaver/racoon not sure what it was but it took off when it heard me coming. You can check out the Google Map of the trail at

It will be nice once it has the rubberized running track and is set to go. Here are some pictures from my adventure today.