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Jamie Lidell is Jim

My wife and I went and saw Jamie Lidell last year at the Orange Peel in Asheville and his vocals blew our minds. He had several songs on his first album that had the classic sort of stevie wonder feel to them and we loved it. His new album “JIM” is jam packed full of upbeat soulful songs that will help you start your day or put you in a good mood anywhere you are. I can’t wait for more albums from him to keep rolling out for some great quality stuff. Check out his video for one of his new songs and Buy the album on iTunes. Can’t wait to see his show in June.

I went to Furman University today to test out my snorricam mod that is a combination of a friends camera mount design and the snorricam that takes a bit more time to build. It was a lot of fun and people gave me funny reactions. Cars were stopping and everyone was stairing. I am going to mod the camera mount a little bit more so you can see more of the angle I would prefer but this was my first shot with it!

Exciting Happenings!

Ok. So on top of God doing lots of cool things in my job and bringing students forth that we need and the student band growing to be pretty huge He is also letting me do pretty neat things through my site and videos!

I can’t make any promises yet but I’m working my best to set up some interviews with some pretty top notch bands and really hoping that happens!

Also, this IS happening! I have been chatting with a guy who has been on CNN and on Chris Pirillos ustream which was also featured on CNN. He has agreed to do a phone interview with me live at 3a.m.! It will be 8 pm for him but its still exciting. I will also in the video be featuring all of the things he has accrued so far. Its a pretty amazing story and its been on CNN once and it will be on the Today show and all of that good stuff soon. I jumped on the chance for him to advertise for me and I would advertise for him, although at this point he is much more popular than I am but its a pretty brilliant idea! More to come on that later!

Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals are no way to communicate to be far and wide but lots of new ways are being developed and making their way to primetime. If you work with students, work for a company, or just want to find someone who is interested in the same stuff as you, like gaming or tv shows or even your favorite saying like “Yowza”, then this is some great stuff for you.

We all have a myspace account and a facebook but who has a twitter and even more who has their own textmark?

Twitter is a great way to communicate what your up to all the time and sort of an expanded chat and way to get people to watch a video you like or check out your blog or share a news story. Its also great for networking. You can tweetscan your company, favorite band, or yourself to see if anyone has mentioned you without you recognizing it. If you don’t have one yet you better create it before someone takes your username.

Textmarks is the next way of communicating with people instantly no matter where you are. Say you have an event you want people to know about or a concert. You just tell them the keyword to twitter like “3amjosh” and tell them to text it to 41411 and it will instantly send a reply text message that you have written and given whatever details you want. You can update your keyword and it will send the update to anyone who has previously texted that keyword. Say I have a new blog post or a new video I can broadcast an alert instantly. Whats the best part is its Free for all the basic needs.

Textmarks has also teamed up with You customize your t-shirt with a special slogan, then your textmark keyword and then it tells them where to text. I don’t have any sort of numbers yet but this weekend I’ll be hanging out downtown with my shirt that says “Can’t Sleep? Neither Can I, Text 3amJosh to 41411”. I will get in real-time text alerts how many people are responding to my t-shirt and hopefully direct more traffice to my site.

Anywho, for whatever purpose you might use your twitter account or textmarks you need to sign up now before everyone else gets all the good ones. Great way to keep in touch and alert people of something new.

I love Technology

But not as much as you, you see. I still love technology.

This is one of those things that I see then I say to myself. Wish I would have came up with that first. Anywho, I love it and I’m glad someone did. Next thing you know there will be a Daft Punk iPods video in response to the Daft Punk Hands.

Coffee and Cereal

Welp, It finally happened. I made my point and made some Coffee and Cereal. Check out what happened here and go to my youtube page and rate it as well! Comments on the video rock also!

Planning Center Online

I will make this short and sweet. If you are working in a church and needing some software to help coordinate people, schedules and songs is the best thing I have used yet. The best part is the customer service I have recieved. Through twitter the creator of it replies instantly to any problem I’m having or any questions I have and even gave me their gtalk name. Its easy and I’m also getting a huge positive from the folks I have using it. I work with students and coordinating them so any extra level of accountability I can have with them is great. The “Accept” button for the event is the bomb so I know who to check up on and why they aren’t replying. Anywho, It rocks and if you are searching use them.

This site is brilliant. You choose your keyword such as 3amjosh. If its available you then control it. Someone can send a text that says 3amjosh to 41411 and it will send them back a text with whatever message I choose. Advertising and getting alerts out is quite easy and quick with this. They have some other unique tools that you can use to send out group messages to your subscribers and you can update your response from your cellphone if something were to change. Pretty brilliant especially paired with a nice shirt from

Reactee and Me

So today in a creative meeting Josh Bradley( ) was telling me about some stuff they saw at a conference at willowcreek. One thing that struck my attention was

Seeing as text message communications and alert type deals are the thing for right now they have nailed it with their custom tees. You simply choose a slogan which mine is “Can’t Sleep? Neither Can I” then it says “Text 3amjosh to 41411”. All on a handy t-shirt that is american apparel of course. When the person does that they recieve a custom response made by me that says a blip about what my site is about and tells them to check it out.

Some people use this as a political or “going green” statement while others are trying to get a date. You get feedback on how many people request your info and all that. Also you can constantly update the reply text your tee sends out.

I think I am going to wear my t-shirt EVERYWHERE i go and see how much my site views and video views go up. Also if you want to help me out or just think my t-shirt is awesome you can buy one and wear it @ Although I’d prefer you to enter through the first link I gave you and then find my shirt but either way.

Text me- 3amjosh to 41411 and help me get featured as their most requested tee off the month. The current winner has 1,300 some odd texts.

Also make your own shirt for whatever you want. Instant communication is amazing and advertising is seeing a new means of getting information to people how they want it.

ALSO there will be a coffee and cereal video coming up this week with my celebrity guest I promised everyone. So be patient and it will be here before you can say “Ni”

Coffee and Cereal

You heard it here first folks! I have invented something that people might say things at first like, “what is he thinking” but will soon change to, “why didn’t I come up with that”. Anywho not sure if I can market it since its only something I’m combining that has been waiting ever since coffee and milk were established. Well, I figured it would be worth the shot because of a couple of things.

Cereal sweetens my milk. When I have my bowl of cereal no matter if its special K or fruity pebbles I know that in the end I’m going to enjoy the last sip of milk with its super sweet taste.

Caffeine in my cereal! Thats two birds with one stone. Who doesn’t want to have their caffeine in an edible form?

So mark your calendars for this weeks 3amjosh where I will be experimenting with different cereals and coffee and who knows, you might see a coffee and cereal shop or it will be the new trend at Starbucks. If its stolen I’m going to sue Howard. I know you read my blog.

Anywho, if you have any ideas at what cereals might work best let me know by a simple comment and I just might try it on my next video blog.