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3amJosh Introduction


Ok. This guy is amazing and is coming to the US. If you want to join my wife and I we are going to his concert in Washington,DC in June. Its only 15 bucks and we have a place we are staying. He will be a classic artist no doubt.


Life is very busy right now. Lots of things going on with the student band and really trying to figure out my calling in the situation. I know that God is in total control of it and excited He has me involved. Its amazing the bands are rocking and I can’t wait to see how this changes students lives.

Also, I have not done a 3amjosh video in quite awhile now. Many reasons for that. My health at 25 has been giving me MUCHO trouble despite my effects with eating healthy and exercise. I think it has been humbling of God reminding me who is in control and who to focus on.

My appendix went against my body and that was fun ordeal, then I came down the flu when “I” came up with a brilliant idea for a 3amjosh video and Schick Quattro commercial.

I am always coming up with crazy ideas and try to pursue all of them at once and I’m learning to pace myself but I love being creative. Here is an example. The other night my wife and I were sitting on the couch and I was showing her some videos on my ipod touch and next to me sat a Giant magnifying glass my Mom had given to me recently. So I decided, Widescreen iPod touch. It was actually impressive and made the screen even bigger. So if your a frequent flyer or just want to see your videos on your ipod or iPod touch a little larger than the provided screen grab a magnifying glass! Maybe we can invent some attachment that clicks over the ipod and keeps it at a certain distance to enlarge the image. Anywho. See I did it just then, trying to create something that probably won’t happen, by me at least.

This is my first 3amjosh Blog and I figured I better hope on the blog network if I want to reach every market I can for viral marketing.

I hope to shoot a new video this week with a Girls roller derby team. Pray I don’t get injured and its fun and funny!